What I Do

Aida has certain gifts she uses to help people discover the infinite potential and self. Her mission is to help you release all that no longer serves you. She is here to help you release all those restraining beliefs and blocks and to support you to live your life to your fullest potential.

“My passion for empowering people has helped transform the lives I have been blessed to touch. My mission is to help you to connect with the Divine within, live your purpose, manifest your desires and to live to your fullest potential. My purpose is to serve, impact, wow, influence, inspire and transform you!”– Aida.

Spiritual Initiative and Readings

Aida has an ability to connect with your guides – The Divine, Spirit Realm, Your Higher Self. If you have a loved one that has passed over, Aida enjoys connecting with them to share some spiritual guidance and messages.

Group Events

Experience a warm, healing and delightful experience by joining in on Aida’s Meditation Circles, Goddess Circles, Workshops, Events, Retreats and more. Aida hosts these events plus more, to help you find your passion and live your purpose.

All events are a safe and sacred space to enable people’s healings.

Reiki and Healings

Heal with Aida, unblock ailments, dis-ease and more. Aida’s healings and techniques are used to help you detach from all that no longer serves you – to heal you, to find your purpose. Aida has spent this lifetime and countless others acquiring knowledge, continually learning and researching all aspects of energy and healing.

Connect with Aida

Aida invites you to get in touch to take the first step towards discovering the infinite potential of self. Aida encourages you to ask questions, she enjoys learning about you and will guide you through this process.