Signs from the Universe

I am often asked ‘how do you know when your guides and angels are with you? How do you know when or how they are communicating with you?”

These are very common questions so let me share with you an experience I had and one way in which our guides, source, universe and / or angels, connect and speak with us, respond to our questions or attempt to communicate with us.

Today, I had agreed to meet a girlfriend for tea and a do a psychic reading for her. Checking the time, I wanted to leave early as I know it’s a popular place on Sunday’s and it may take some time for a takeaway.

As I checked the time, a message from her pops up on my phone, asking me what I’d like to drink as she is leaving early and will order for me. First synchronicity!

I was driving along one of my ‘usual routes’ and I came to my first road block. Quite literally a road block! Road closed, no access. There are no signs earlier on the road. So I did a U turn and headed back to go in a different direction. Now glad that I had decided to leave early to allow for this delay. Anyone who know me, knows that I like punctuality. I feel it’s a sign of respect on both my part and that of the person I’m seeing, that I should arrive on time.

I arrived on time and she kindly had ordered our takeaway tea and was waiting for it. There were a couple of other incidences that occurred relating to our tea, however that is another teaching – one of speaking our truth and being authentic.

After our meeting, we went our separate ways. Later, on my way home I encountered another, different road block. A completely different street, in a different area. They were not part of the same road block that I encountered earlier that day.

So I laughed, turned around and went in another direction, for the second time that day.

What does this have to with spiritual teachings and my guides or how the Universe communicates with us?

I’m driving and asking my guides for insight. They are showing me that there is more than ‘one way’ to go home. They are showing me that there is more than the ‘usual direction’. More than one way to achieve my goals, more than one way to live my life.

Road blocks are meant to either show us another way or go a different way to that we are used to going. Then along that way we may encounter something or someone that will help us with our journey. It may also be a sign that we are on the ‘wrong path’. That we are meant to go in a different direction.

There is more than one way home. There is more than one way to achieve our dreams, live our purpose in life. That perhaps, we are not meant to go the same way as everyone else. Perhaps that we need to get out of doing the same ‘usual thing, in the same usual way’.

There are many ways in which they communicate with us. This is just one. A single road block on its own may not have made me sit up and listen. Which it didn’t. I went on my way and focused on my morning.

I believe every coincidence, each synchronicity is a message. It is for us to decider, uncode and receive the message.

I share this with you because I’m often asked ‘how do guides, angels, universe etc communicates with us?’ ‘How do I read, or even know it’s a sign?’ How do I know? It is trusting the guidance, intuition and being open to receive messages.

That’s the message I received from the universe. Powerful and insightful. I am so grateful for these messages. Thank you, message received loud and clear.

If you need help with connecting with your guides, angels or passed over loved ones then I would love to help.

I’d also love to teach you how you can start to see, read and hear your own message in your own innate way and power.

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