Psychic Readings

Are you wanting to connect with a loved one? Perhaps you are interested in building your spiritual path and need a little guidance. Are you wondering what energies are around you? Would you like a little advice from your angels? If those questions relate with you then you have landed in the right place.

Spiritual Intuitive

As a spiritual intuitive, Aida will connect with your guides, the Divine, Spirit Realm, your Higher Self and/or connect with passed over loved ones for spiritual guidance and messages for you.

Are you looking for an intuitive life or business coach? After nearly 3 decades in a successful corporate arena, Aida not only has the ‘business know how’, she will also connect with your Spirit guides to receive guidance to help you live a fulfilled abundant life and run a successful business.

Past Life Regressions

A past life regression can help to bring a deeper understanding of yourself, unlock your soul contracts and uncover why certain events or even ailments are present in your current life.
Aida holds a sacred container to enable you to ‘travel back in time’ and integrate lessons from past lives into this lifetime.

Dream Interpretations

Have you ever wanted to know the meaning of a dream?
Do you have a recurring dream that just doesn’t make sense?
Do you see signs and symbols but don’t know what they mean?

Dreams can be very prophetic and are a culmination of our subconscious mind. Aida helps you uncover the deep meaning of your dreams and how they align to your current reality.

Sacred Contracts

Ever wanted to uncover your life purpose and what is blocking you?  

Through this powerful, intuitive process, we will be working through uncovering your ‘archetypes’, blocks, strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how to successfully navigate through life to clear blockages and create abundance. It’s time to live life to your fullest potential.

All services available ‘online’ through video or telephone call (ie Skype, Zoom, FaceTime etc).

Distant readings and healings available. Please contact Aida for further information.

An Evening with Spirit

One of Aida’s personal favourites for a bespoke event is ‘An Evening with Spirit’. This event is where you and your friends can gather, and everyone receives a reading – giving you and your group an exciting, yet different type of event. A beautiful, safe and sacred space is formed where everyone gets the chance to connect with the divine, spirit realm, their higher self or connect with passed over loved ones to receive messages.

The Divine, Spirit Realm and Your Higher Self

Aida utilises several modalities where messages may come directly through and she will share them with you. Aida will also use Tarot or Oracle cards, psychometry (the use of an item), scrying (think of looking into a crystal ball for messages). She also uses water, fire, smoke, mirror or through touch. These can be used for psychic mediumship readings where Aida will connect with Spirit to receive messages for guidance.

Aida also offers intuitive coaching, spiritual guidance and teachings, health and wellness coaching – all connecting to Spirit for specific guidance for your unique needs.


What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot is the storybook of our life, the reflection to our soul, and the significance to our inner wisdom. In our lives, we may need a spiritual lesson or guidance – this can be found in Tarot cards. When we ask the Tarot cards a question, we’ll get shown the lessons we need to absorb and learn. It is accessing your subconscious mind by, for example, holding up a mirror to yourself.

How do Tarot Cards Work?

Tarot is a powerful tool to assist in discovering oneself and manifestation. Tarot is to use the cards to access your intuition and your inner wisdom. The imagery in the cards give you instant access to your subconscious mind and your intuition. And from this place of inner power and wisdom, you can discover how to make positive changes now so you can manifest your goals and your dreams in the future.  

What are Oracle Cards?

There is a difference between Oracle and Tarot cards. The main one being every Oracle deck will be different. Each oracle card deck being its own universe and is generally unique from the others by the art, author, and themes. The language and structure the oracle card deck functions on is created by the author. In order to have an Oracle that works as a true divination structure, all of the parts of the Oracle will need to work together.

What is Psychometry?

Psychometry is the ability that allows one to read or sense the past history of an object by holding it. One may receive feelings called impressions, perceived as sounds, images, smells, tastes and emotions.

What is Scrying?

If you are wanting to get in touch with your unconscious mind, the realm of soul, this can be successful through scrying – a powerful form of self-understanding performed with the use of a reflective surface. Ideal for those uncertain situations where you may be struggling to find meaning or purpose. Perhaps searching for a direction in life, scrying is a magnificent way to engage and connect with your primary needs, dreams and goals.

Are You Ready for Some Spiritual Guidance?

Aida would love to hear from you, please connect and she would be grateful to answer any questions you may have and organise your reading.