Kind  Words


‘She saved my life’ well even more than that… she enabled me to save my own life.

I can honestly say that I never used to believe in the ‘Universe’ or the Divine or Mother Earth until Aida became a part of my life. She was sent to me at a time I didn’t even acknowledge I needed her. One of the most genuine angels, with the most honest desire to help and be of service to those that need her.

The changes made to my life and the way I view myself can only be attributed to the time I have been lucky enough to spend with this beautiful soul. Change is not easy, and it’s not without pain at times, but having the support from someone who truly cares about the outcome has a profound affect. Aida has an energy like I’ve never experienced before and she possesses an ability of ‘feeling in’ to what you need, before you even realise it for yourself.

Through meditation, journaling, spiritual readings, childhood healing, this has been the most incredible journey. A journey that is continually evolving.

If there is a genuine desire and willingness to do the work then Aida is without a doubt the most amazing friend, confidant, truth teller and spiritual goddess that you need to guide you along the way.


Thanks for creating the magic that was our circle today. Not only did we get to connect with our higher self, we got to connect as women who are finding their place in life from a place of joy, hope and power … and YOU created that space.  It was an empowering hour and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And on a personal note, enjoyed meeting a new, like minded women, and being inspired to match their power!


Aida always has this amazing ability of teaching you just what you need at that moment, whether you realise it or not. Aida has an amazing way of connecting with you on a deeper level and teaches you in a way that you easily understand. I always leave any time spent with Aida feeling great about myself and learnt something new or gained a deeper level of understanding.

Aida has been my mentor, spiritual teacher and guide over the past few years and I’ve never met anyone who is so aligned with their purpose and mission in life. I love Aida’s passion for helping people and believe she leaves the wherever she has been or anyone she has been in contact with feeling more loved and light.

Aida teaches you about yourself on a deeper level. She teaches you to connect with your body, mind, heart and soul, higher self and Spirit; and through spiritual practice you feel you can achieve anything in life. Aida’s passion for life, commitment to helping people and her ability to teach anyone is incredibly inspiring. I’m truly grateful to have Aida as my teacher and mentor. 


To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about seeing Aida. A friend of a friend recommended her so I went along just to ‘see’ what would happen, expecting it to be a waste of time and money.

To say I was blown away is an understatement. Aida first did a healing on me and afterwards she shared some messages from Spirit. She could feel in to things and knew things about me that I’ve never shared with anyone. She helped in so many ways and I walked away feeling lighter, happier and more energetic that I have ever felt in years.

Yep, she’s the real deal and I have recommended her to so many people. I’m now a believer.


I attended a Spiritual Retreat where Aida did a healing and reading on me.

Everything she said came true, within the timeframes she said it! She told me about a job opportunity that I would be getting and even the colour of the business logo! She also predicted that a person from my past would be coming back in to my life, that they were overseas and that I would be moving home.

Within the year, I was head-hunted and offered a new job with a company and their business logo was orange, just as Aida said! An old ‘friend’ from the past contacted me and we reconnected. He was living overseas at the time, moved back to Australia where we met and ended up in a relationship and married all within the timeframes Aida said!

I didn’t really believe it at the time because it all sounded too far-fetched. However, I’ve now moved city, with a new job doing what I love with the man of my dreams. Thank you Aida. I highly recommend Aida, she is amazing.


Aida did a healing for me. I had many abundance blocks and always had trouble attracting money or should I say keeping it. Whenever I got money, it would go again; bills, expenses or something would come up.

During the healing I could feel things in my body moving, shifting, getting hot; it was the weirdest things. We worked on some ‘abundance blocks’ and found the source. She cleared them and now I’m able to not only attract more money, but keep it!

I also got to speak to my dad who died a few years ago. She shared some messages from him. I never thought I’d get the chance to talk to him again and say things that I needed to say. I’m so glad I did. Thank you Aida. You are amazing.


I did my Reiki Level Two Course with Aida and I have to say that she is a Divine teacher.

Her knowledge of energy, connection with Source and Spirit, ways to heal was absolutely amazing. Not only does she teach you the how, but the why. She is a beautiful spiritual teacher and loves sharing her knowledge with others. Her passion for what she does and her desire to help you to achieve your goals is so empowering.

I felt fully supported and safe the entire time and she always made herself available to answer any questions. If you are wanting to learn Reiki, energy, psychic readings or any of the courses Aida does, I highly recommend her. You will leave with more than you bargained for, in a good way.


It was so great to find a reader who told you like it is. Aida is straight down the line and to the point. She makes the most of your time together and I got to ask questions and she was able to get guidance. I felt safe enough to talk to her about anything, without feeling judged.

She’s great and no BS. My kinda gal.


Aida is amazing! Her insights, her ability to tap into guides, spirits and angels is incredible. Aida always provides clear messages and I often seek her guidance, from my angels and guides, before making any major decisions in life and she has always provided the most amazing insights.

Her ‘sixth sense’ is unbelievable. She tells you things about yourself that no one else knows and even some things you didn’t even know haha. She is always spot-on. I highly recommend Aida.


My saviour, my guide, my rock. Aida is always there for me and able to provide guidance at the perfect time.

Even when I thought I was going crazy, Aida was able to give me guidance that enabled me to make decisions. She doesn’t tell you what to do, but gives you guidance so you can make an informed decision and that is even more powerful.

I’m so grateful for Aida and for her gifts.


Wow. Just WOW! I don’t know how she does it, but every time she is 100% correct.

Spot on Aida. Thank you!


I recently had a distant online reading with Aida. I sent her some questions via email and then she responded. I didn’t think this kind of reading would work, but thought I’d give it a try.

It was so good. Everything she said was true or became true, just as she said.

D.N. (online reading)

Holy sh*t, it’s like you know me. I mean the real me. So good, I can’t put this book down haha.

My age, relationship status and how I am in a relationship were all 100%. Wow. You are amazing. So cool. Everything you said was right. Even the place that I was looking at moving too. I was looking at renting and you said buying in your reading, so I thought maybe you were just off. Three weeks later I decided to buy a property instead because I saw a great house and could buy it.

Thanks for the reading, it was amazing! I’ll be back for another one for sure.

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